Introduction to Intermediate Level Functions

Sheet Used in Lesson 2 (Please take a copy) -

Lesson Summary

In this lesson, we will continue exploring the capabilities of Google Sheets by diving into some advanced features that will help you master data analysis and formatting.


  • VLOOKUP is a powerful function that allows you to search for a value in a vertical column and return a corresponding value from a different column.
  • It can be used to find a customer's name based on their ID or retrieve the price of a product from a lookup table.
  • This function can save you a lot of time and effort when dealing with large datasets.


  • INDEX and MATCH are functions that work together to achieve the same result as VLOOKUP, but with more flexibility.
  • They can perform lookups in any direction, horizontally or vertically, and even search for values in multiple columns or rows.
  • Understanding index/match will take your data analysis skills to the next level and allow you to solve a wider range of problems.


  • INDEX/MATCH/MATCH allows you to perform lookups using two criteria instead of just one.
  • This is extremely handy when you have a large dataset and need to find a specific value based on multiple conditions.

Fixing Common Errors:

  • We will go over how to fix common errors that might occur when working with functions, such as #REF and #N/A.
  • Learning how to identify and correct these errors will save you from frustration and ensure the accuracy of your analysis.

Format Painter and Formatting:

  • We will explore the Format Painter feature, which enables you to quickly copy and apply formatting from one cell to another.
  • Different format types available in Google Sheets, such as number formats, date formats, and conditional formatting, will also be touched on.
  • Mastering these formatting options will make your dashboards and reports more visually appealing and professional-looking.

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